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Addiction can manifest itself in many ways

It often starts as something that is seen as positive but People immediately think of alcohol, drug misuse or gambling but addiction to sex, shopping and screens can equally have serious impacts on peoples well being and quality of life.

People often justify or measure the activity in units of what they do and benchmark it against other people but this is unhelpful in our experience – and can often be a flashpoint for arguments or a reason to deny the reality of the situation.

A different approach is to think about addiction in a different way such as…

“Its not about what you take, how much you take or how you take it, its about what you give up to take.”

This maybe the time you spend with friends and family, spending money on the things you enjoy, time doing the past times and hobbies you enjoy but it also ends up with the loss of friendships and family relationships as you put the addictive behaviour first It can lead to giving up your own personal values and over stepping your own boundaries as the addiction becomes stronger.

For many it leads to giving up your home and a roof over your head and even death.

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