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Peer Mentors


Peer Mentors

Everyone is a Peer Mentor.

The power of the the Quing community is the result of the friendships build between themselves simply by meeting and chatting with other community members provides mentoring based on peoples personal experiences and what has helped them.

We believe that the power of peer mentoring is the result of individuals who have been through similar challenges or equally challenging circumstances can engage, and form robust, healthy and trusting relationships in a way that traditional support service providers often struggle to achieve.

Simply being there, listening to each other and sharing our experiences is often the start of peoples individual discovery journey.

Quing encourages this through providing the safe spaces and occasions when this can happen.

Formalised Peer Mentors

Some of our members choose to go from being ‘recipients’ to ‘providers’ through accredited peer mentoring programmes. Meaning there is always an extended team of volunteer Quing mentors – who all have unique insight into the challenges faced ‘through their own personal journeys’, available to support others needs.

If you would like to find a mentor or learn about being a trained and accredited mentor, please contact us by filing out our enquiry form.

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Just fill out the online form, you don’t have to give any personal details such as your name but we will need an email address to get back to you.


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