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Quing offers a variety of events including conferences throughout the year.

They are open to everyone and our community members who have attended often tell us that they have been life changing, They are free to attend and all are welcome. Some regular ones are listed below:

Conferences Overview

On the 6th December 2018 Quing held its first International Conference entitled “From Recovery to Discovery” with 150 people in attendance. The speakers covered the latest thinking in mental health, peer mentoring and community centred strength- based practice.

Conference like this maintain a flow of new ideas in social care, personal discovery and community development through the Isle of Man, by exposing our members to the insights and approaches of expert practitioners as well as helping Quing continually grow our extensive global network of ‘fellow travellers’ and experts for the benefit of the Isle of Man community.

Trauma Workshops

Run several times a year these two day workshops are free and focus on trauma and understanding the role of traumatic past in behaviours that have traditionally been considered ‘pathologies’.

Rather than trying to treat the behavioural symptoms of trauma (such as addiction, mental health symptoms and offending behaviour), these workshops help people heal
from the underlying trauma. This provides a platform for individuals to address their problematic behaviours from a position of greater strength.

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