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All donations are grategully received to help our cause.


Who is behind us

Quing was born from the passion and experience of our current Director Graham Clucas.

Quing is setup with a Director and supporting Board of Trustees who have had real life experience of the challenges we support our community with. Currently we have one full time staff member and work with a close network of volunteers and industry leading professionals from the UK.

Graham’s Journey

Graham’s journey has included trauma, addiction and criminality, and he has spent time in both mental health and prison facilities due to the challenges he faced and decisions he made.

From 2007, he turned his life around and redirected his journey, learning mindfulness, introspection and psychology. He became a qualified psychotherapist and trauma counsellor and has worked with leading programmes in the UK with the focus of helping others.

Our support network

Although independent, the work of Quing supports the Isle of Man Governments ‘Strategic Plan for Mental Health and Wellbeing 2015’ by increasing levels of education, gaining qualifications and employment opportunities, tackling poverty, drug and alcohol misuse, and homelessness, and reducing the number of people entering the Criminal Justice System.

Our work is supported by donations from individuals, our own fundraising efforts, and in the past we have received funding assistance from the Manx Lottery Trust. You can contribute through our PayPal account by clicking the Donate button opposite.

Working relationships

We have developed close working relationships with:

The Public Health Directorate of the Isle of Man Department of Health & Social Care, The Manx constabulary,The Children’s Centre, Jurby and Northern Community Initiatives, Peel Sailing Club, the Christian Churches on the Isle of Man, Quakers, Manx Inter Faith Group on the Island as well as other organisations from the UK and the rest of the World including Neall Scott Partnership and Athena Counselling Services from Swansea.


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