About Quing

Who and what
we are


Who and what we are

We are a Discovery Community

Established in 2017 as a Manx charity, Quing is bringing the latest thinking in social care, personal growth skills and community development to the island.

We support and aid those who are suffering from issues such as addiction, mental health and past criminality challenges, supporting a journey of positive personal change through recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

We believe in active citizenship

We believe that problem behaviours are often symptoms of underlying distress and past/present trauma.

We believe that recognising strengths and helping people build upon them can achieve more than solely treating weaknesses.

We believe that the attitude of the community is essential to successful reintegration.

We work along traditional support services offering complimentary ways for people to build on their strengths.

Through Quing we support and facilitate the proliferation of inclusive, bottom up, community driven change we measure our impact not simply by the lessening of symptoms, but in active citizenship.


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