About Quing

We help people with challenges including substance abuse, mental health issues and past criminality challenges.


About Us

We are a Discovery Community – an open community of individuals who have overcome or are overcoming significant personal challenges in their lives.

Everyday people, who through comradeship, empathy and connection with each other have come to better understand the challenges we face, what our personal strengths are and how to move forward to discover and live happier and more fulfilling lives.

We believe that recognising peoples strengths and helping them build upon them can achieve more than solely treating weaknesses. We help people with challenges including substance use, mental health issues and past criminality challenges.

We believe in active citizenship

Despite the many governmental and existing charitable organisations on the island, there are many individuals with mental health, addiction and past criminality related challenges that are not reached, or who choose not to engage with the traditional support services.

Even when individuals do engage with existing services many remain ‘trapped in the system’, developing long term dependence on the services rather than moving on from their challenges, becoming self-supporting and ultimately becoming an active and productive member of society.

Through Quing we support and facilitate the proliferation of inclusive, bottom up, community driven change we measure our impact not simply by the lessening of symptoms, but in active citizenship.

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